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Originally Posted by Passion for *9*
I'd generously grant him another season but then it'll be time.. HIGH time.. to retire, unless he contents himself with the role Costacurta plays right now, emergency sub, + an equally modest salary. Don't see the latter happen, thus I'd rather have him off the payroll.
Yep, I'm always afraid that if one day he just "lose" his game, then he'll end up being a Costacurta or a Fernando Hierro, or many other players that should have retired when they still were at the best of their carreer.
I know Maldini isn't like those players, but if I was him, I would retire by the end of next season, and trust me, this isn't easy for me to say, he might be my #1 reason for watching football + he is my favorite all-time player.
But let's face it, this are the last seasons we'll see of him, in the time, let's just enjoy them!
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