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Originally Posted by siatanhai
i did read the last 2 posts and i v read this whole thread cause i deperately want to know how a strea mworks and what it requires as all i have is real players & media player and i added WWITV to my favourate list so i can find it all the time and to be more specific with my question i ment are their a set of channels that will always show serie A milan games(eg UK,Wales BBC1 & BBC2 & ITV & SKY only those 4 show premiership action)
im asking this as WWITV as im sure u all hav already discussed covers many countries so which country is best for covering Milan??? or isnt there one which is fair enough
but most of all my main question is with real & media players is it simply a case of wait for the links & click them???
we'll have to wait on see when the new season starts to see what channels in which countries are showing milan, tonighs match is on telemadrid which i dont think you can stream also on italia 1 which i also dont know how to watch and tele cinco which again i have no clue how to stream, i downloaded streamerone which has canale 5 some italian channel and i was able to watch inter-juve-napoli tournement yesterday on the adverts it had something about the new serie a season so some milan matches might be on that but i am not so sure.
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