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Originally Posted by Sage View Post
bonucci had excellent performances in a back 4 for juve when allegri switched to 4132 in 14/15 and 4231 in 16/17

we live in a world where people doubt a 6x champion and hype a kid from a weak league who scored less than half the goals bas dost scored.
If a watermelon was part of the Juventus squad during those championships it would have scudetto medals too

The "weak league" argument is horseshit. So many fantastic, Ballon 'D Or level players came from these weak leagues that it does not even merit addressing.

This is not a matter of doubt vs hype. This is a matter of watching the games to see who performs, who doesn't perform, and who shows promise.

If you actually watched our games, you can see that Bonucci has been shit...and Silva, while not producing what we hoped he would produce, shows that he can produce if we support him a tad. He can beat one, maybe two defenders to create the space to shoot, but he's not Neymar or Messi level. He also isn't slow but can't really beat ppl with speed. So he needs, to get the ball close to the top of the box before the defense has organized and converged on him. For this we either need a proper way to move the ball up the field. We don't have this consistently, so we can't expect consistency.

Our other strikers have it worse, because they can only make their off the ball runs, in and around the box and try to finish off moves....but given that the ball didn't even reach midfield much, they are even less effective than Silva. They might get a scrap here and there but that's all their influence. Again, not their fault.

As I said earlier, we're at the stage where sacrifices and tough decisions need to be made. I hoped that Bonucci would have automagically turned into Nesta 2.0 here and would have captained us into the promised land. As it turns out, for Milan he is a very weak marker and his supposed strength, passing out of the defense isn't particularly useful for a team that has 0 sense of positioning. Hence he's been shit. He wouldn't always be shit. But for now, strictly as a centre back, he's not effective. That's not hard to see.

I really shouldn't have to explain this to you if you've been watching our games. What Bonucci did in the past and what he's won in the past doesn't matter. $heva came to Chelsea as a Golden Ball, CL and Scudetto winner....and was shit. Why he was shit didn't matter. He didn't do his job as a striker for Chelsea and Mourinho decided to bench him regardless of his reputation. Drogba, who came from the shit French League, did more and thus played
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