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The big problem with all the movement Allegri created is that now there's no #9. Since Cassano's injury, Ibra has become an advanced trequartista/a withdrawn forward i.e. he doesn't stick to the box and his job isn't to finish. While Robinho isn't a finisher either and he drops off to the wings so there's nobody left in the box to finish chances.

This works okay when Nocerino or Aquilani get their scoring boots on, which let's be fair shouldn't be expected of them on weekly basis, and when Prince Boateng is on to finish off shit.

Yesterday was a typical Boateng game. Fiorentina closed down the wings well and so the team needed someone central to score. But Seedorf was only played in that position out of necessity as he can't pull Boateng's role off. He's more at home in midfield (which BTW I'd like to see a midfield pairing of Aquilani-Seedorf, more technique and better passing).

The movement is great and the team creates chances at will when everyone clicks. The problem is that there's no one to finish regularly. That's where a #9 comes in. I'm not sure whether Boateng should start vs Barcelona or Pato with Robinho and Ibra roaming behind him. It could be deadly and I'd go for it, especially as Boateng looks out of place in big games (vs teams that could string passes together).

What I'd like to see experimented (vs Barca and in the league) is:


Robinho - Ibra

Seedorf -------- Aquilani

Van Bommel

Though vs Barcelona I'd probably use Boateng instead of Seedorf as he could run more and is more aggressive. Though Allegri will go for Nocerino, but I really think he's being overrated. Yeah he runs a lot and of course his spirit is great, but how many balls does he win back? how many assists or chances does he create? He's not as effective as some believe.

Bottom line is the team moves greater than ever now with Ibra's new role, but there's no one in the box to finish. One of Boateng and Robinho has to be sacrificed for Pato.
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