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Originally Posted by sushanmilano View Post
Nocerino is defnitely overrated and we cant have Milan start such a technically limited midfielder. Aquilani is not good enough to handle the creative burden alone. Need someone else , who is adept at keeping the ball in midfield. Montolivo is better than noce but i was hoping we get a world class midfielder instead. Someone like a modric ..
i think opposite. he never used to score at palermo and now every game he is havingg a significant effort on target. modric can't replace noce... obviously yeah he is better, but will modrid run the thousands of kilometres noce does. if noce can be converted to a strictly limited defensive position than we will miss his cunning runs forward, that being said... we may never concede a goal again.

we play three mids, one pure defensive, one box to box, and one mainly attacking, yet drops back to help out. noce is our box to box. the thing is tho, Prince would be the ultimate box to box for us, he just plays CAM cos we lack someone that plays there apart from binho.

bringing modric in would require aquilani either to play cam, or sit on the bench... or a change of system overall in which, modric is heavily guarded by two defensive minded players in our squad that can make passes to him.

in terms of goals being scored by the team, noce is starting to become the one i put my trust in for a goal when we are fucking up in front of goal. obviously, the likes of ibra and pato can be clinical as a sniper but when shit is going down, i kinda want someone to look at noce and his runs, cos they are actually really good.

thats him offensively, defensively he is there as well, played left back while antonini was up and didnt retreat. noce is an extremely important player for us and i can't imagine a willing runner like him. Prince was last seasoon, but i hope he keeps playing like he does. my ultimate dream is for him to finally drop down to mid. that would be amazing... but like allegri's subs, probably gonna happen too late for Prince to readapt *even tho that would be a short period*


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