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Originally Posted by ikita View Post
well the main point was that

is actually correct. and the statement is mutually exclusive of who Gattuso started, who he subbed, when he subbed and so on.

Milan's mentality is a largely understated reason for the way players perform. We've had large and small squad changes but whoever left and whoever came exhibited the same shit mentality for years.

for years.

As much as I didn't like the fact that we did not win and as much as I didnt want to content myself with the fact that we drew, I was still happy that we did not lose.

Conte turned jube into the draw kings of Italy when he first came to them. That's what ppl used to call them. and jube went on to win the league and in seasons that followed, turn many of those draws into wins.

Gattuso, a provincial green coach with a poor track-record, comes to Milan and is doing the same with a much more shit squad than what conte was handed, but that's still not something you ppl can be happy about.

that was my point.

I too immediately began questioning Gattuso's contract renewal after yesterday's draw. But after time passed, I realised that that way of thinking is too rash, too impulsive and ill-informed.

The hopes and expectations that people had of Montella, they immediately transferred it to Gattuso. Even I did. Gattuso didn't deserve that however. But to make it even worse, Gattuso fueled those hopes and dreams by turning around a shit season and turning around a green squad and actually giving them some chemistry, personality, real tactics and ideals. And by winning games.

But maybe that was just wrong. And now that Gattuso's not winning games atm, everyone's up in arms about it and looking for the fastest excuse to type out about it. Like I said and like you admitted to, it would have been different had he done what you wanted him to do dru, and we still drew the match.

If that does not give you pause to think about what the bigger issue is, then I don't know what will. But the fact remains that it was good to not lose. We're hardly a side of champions. We play 4-3-3 and we have no wingers. Our best defender is out injured and our RB's entire season was virtually cancelled. add all of the montella experience to that and I'd say we're lucky we are, where we are in the table.

It's easy to say Gattuso's blowing our chances at CL next season. But if you don't realise that Gattuso's given us more than we deserve, and more than people thought he could give us, then you don't understand football and cannot appreciate what it actually takes to rebuild.

This is our year zero. It started when Gattuso came. This is the only time I've seen the squad's mentality change in the last 5 years. I'm happy with that. Because now, you're laying the bricks to build a team of champions. That's what conte did for jube when he started there.
It's dumb.

It's important to get as many points as possible...not "to not lose"

You can play three two and lose one


You can play three games and draw all three

The first scenario...yeah you lose one game but you end up with six points
The second scenario you're undefeated but you end up with three.

"Not losing" is not a thing....and it's even less of a thing when you put forward a team that isn't capable of damaging your opponent....this again takes us back to Kalinic.

I agree with your sentiment overall, i.e. it's too early to judge...but of late I don't like the direction we're heading in. I never considered your point that the draws we are seeing now are the stepping stone to become wins when the team gets better. I hope that is the case....but other than the JuBe's and Arsenals....I don't think we should be happy with drawing with the smaller teams in Italy. Surely we have more than enough to beat them.
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