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Calabria to Sky:

“I went through a tough period, I had to get out of it by myself. I had to roll up my sleeves and work. I think this other positive period is a reward for the sacrifices I made, I hope to continue as I’m doing with Milan and reach the Euros.”

“Pioli? I spoke to the coach several times to establish a human relationship that was then established between us, it’s essential for a team to create a positive relationship because it is then reflected on the pitch. Now everyone gives everything for each other, in the period in which unfortunately the coach wasn’t with us, we gave everything to try to make him happy and we succeeded. Now we are even more pleased that he is back.”

“The future? It’s certainly an objective to continue with this shirt, I have always said that it’s an honour to be here, I have grown up there since I was a child. What I’ve done so far is just a starting point.”

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