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Originally Posted by leaf View Post
Messy is too powerful (politically) in his teams, if the rumors about his influence on team selection are true.
Tossing out iBra, picking a shite squad for Argentina and now this

I think CR7 might also have similar power...but at least his teams have been doing better of late.
Messi doesn't pick argentine line up. Actually Messi refused to pick names when the coach asked him to and scolded him infront of his Argentinian teammates.

From what Ibrahimovic said after leaving Barca, he has total admiration for Messi. He put all the blame on pep. Ibra has too big of an ego to admire Messi if he tossed him out. Which lead me to believe ibra wasn't kicked out of Barca because Messi asked for it.

I won't deny Messi's word is powerful for both club and national teams. But the idea that he picks line ups and tosses out players are just rumors as you said.

Pep Guardiola = GOAT
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