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Originally Posted by Boban1982 View Post
Silvio and Galliani killed the club. There is no quick fix. We were all hoping 200 mil investment in the summer would sort things out but it just shows what a mess the club was left in.

No world class players, no appeal to all the young talented players who don't remember the great Milan teams. The new management wanted better players but they didn't want us. Massive debt, losing millions every year and we don't even own our own stadium.

Things are bad at the moment but we are where we are due to Silvio and his complete lack of care for Milan between 2007 and 2017. Remember during those years Juve went from Serie B to a profitable club, they own their own stadium, world class squad, numerous Scudetto's and two CL finals in 3 years losing to a far better team in both finals.

Nice points, good post . This bolded part is a fkin disgrace but true. As i said in some earlier posts, new kids only know about Messi and Ronaldo, and you cant blame them. If you know Shevchenko, you are probably at least 25y.o.
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