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If it wasn't about his kid, he would have left Italy. I think he thought Milan-Turin was close enough.

I'm sure his doctors, his friends, and support system are all in Turin. I think that's a big reason he went back, honestly. Juve needed him, and I'm sure he couldn't handle the pressure of a re-build.

But I also think that his kid was the biggest rationale. It's why I don't think there is this tremendous bitterness in the squad.

When Gattuso says: "I can only speak highly of Leo, then in life there are many situations and it's difficult to judge. I tried to convince him to stay, but he has kids, his private life, and this is all to be respected."

So that's why I'm not mad at him. Plus, he wasn't amazing here. He might have taught Romagnoli a lot, but he didn't play like he can. Plus, he gave us the leverage to get Caldara and Higuain. Caldara I hope will return from injury and do well, and Higuain has really done well for us. So, win-win.
if it wasnt for his kid he would leave italy. does it mean he went back cause of his kid? Also he never for once said that he's going back cause of family and other stuff. You think he'd ever leave if we didnt have that China case and didnt have a horrible season? Come on I dont care what Gattuso says really, it's not like he was gonna shit on Leo. Somehow he didnt have kids or private life when he decided to join us and was #hungryasever. He has always been a bitch really. I have no hard feelings for him, he was never a Milanista, so he can do whatever he wants. I'm sure Juve fans have more reasons to hate him than we do.

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