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Originally Posted by MilanMB View Post
Fake fan
I dont know what his problem with me .. but he was few times trolling my posts and debating about who has the most pure love toward Milan. Can we be civilized and do the Milan talking nicely in this forums ? Or we must act like 5 years old kid everytime we talk about Milan ? Fake fan will never stay in this forums for 13 years (joined since 2005) .. even longer from the one that keep saying his heart has the most pure love for Milan.. I'm sick with this kind of brain that keep thinking his heart has the biggest space for Milan compared other fans .. please dont keep your stupidity everywhere .. and please stop trolling my post who even doesnt mention you at all.. very sad that Milan has few stupid fans like this .. I always think that Milan fans are the most kind fans among all .. please dont ruin my perspective since long time ago

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