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Originally Posted by Riccardo V View Post
Dru, great idea for a thread!

I would like to thank MilanMB and AC Wesley for some kind words a while back.

Also, bags of appreciation must go to all the Pirlo-haters (too many to name). I'm quite a light user but their hatred gave me an opportunity to express how I feel about Pirlo which in turn got me more involved in the forum. It also provided me with invaluable typing practice and ultimately made me feel good. Eternal thanks.

Maybe he is. If someone posted in the introductions section: "Hey, my name is Andrea Pirlo and I play for this great club," no one would believe him anyway. Who knows, perhaps the great man walks among us!
Yeah I feel the same about idiotic Pirlo groupies (no insult). The more diverse opinions the more fun the forum. That's why I wanted Passion and mzk back. Mzk's opinions are sure to be parallel to anyone with intelligence and Passion could give Mad a much needed rest as the official
forum hater.
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