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I think people don't understand what Capitao means by balls. He doesn't mean someone's willingness to get in a fight, the term you would be looking for here is badass. Balls is determination. Passion. How much the individual is willing to sacrifice himself for the team.

For example: Gerrard is a diving piece of shit, but carries Liverpool. He works his ass off for the team. That is high level of balls.

Henry was a king at Arsenal, but come big games... he goes hiding. Average level of balls.

If Ronaldinho's team is down 1-0, you don't see him giving extra effort to equalize. If it's 2-0 you wouldn't see him running anymore. He doesn't even run most of the time. He never does any defensive work, when he loses the ball he cries to the ref like a bitch. And to top it all of, he only plays good if the whole team is built to suit his needs, and even then he's not great and inconsistent as fuck. Lowest level of balls ever.

Kuyt in 2007 final was fighting when everyone in Liverpool had already given up. In the end he scored a consolation goal. All that with his father dead a couple of days before the match. He also was originally a striker, but doesn't mind playing as a right wing and doing tons of defensive work in Liverpool and the national team. Extremely high level of balls.

*disclaimer: All the information written by this author, is due to the knowledge he learned and received from Capitao Lugano. So all credit should go to him if it's correct, and if Capitao Lugano disagrees with it, then this author admits that his opinion is wrong.
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