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Originally Posted by Mario View Post
So much hype surrounding this guy

Head of scouting at Milan said Locatelli will be the captain within 3 years in the senior squad
Papers such as GDS are already putting him in the line ups for next season... B&G as well as Miha keep praising him in the media, let's hope he gets his debut soon and lives up to all of this
I trust Miha with the timing, he knows what hes done as shown with Gigio

If he could walk i to our startig 11 like Donna did it would be great, but we should give him time to adapt and make errors to learn from them and not expecting him bossi g Serie A's midfield despite his talent he obviously has.

Galli said building a team around a core of selfmade youthplayers is a project Barcelona is doing since ages while we have started it only three years ago. Nevertheless we are already collecting the first fruits of this work: DES, Calabria, Donna, Locatelli, Cristante etc.... I think we can expect some interesting youth prospects also in future.
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