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Originally Posted by Az.
"Gourcuff is partly right when he says that he hoped he would get more playing time, because that's what he agreed on with our coach last summer. But that was before we got the chance to sign Emerson, even though we had told Gourcuff we would buy no one in midfield to allow him more playing time. However, Gourcuff has to understand he is lucky to be playing in the team that has won the most trophies in the world, and if he is really that good he should be able to break through into the side, even if now we have one more midfielder. Nevertheless, I can understand his situation and I didn't get angry about what he said. Emerson? We think he's an important player and we bought him knowing about his qualities. He can play in Pirlo's role and also in other positions. The player is doing well and is improving. Maldini? For us he's important even when he doesn't play, his closeness to the team and the dressing room is strongly felt. From a technical point of view, the Maldini we saw in Bilbao is a player who adds a lot to our defensive department technically. Player requests? Our fences have closed after Shevchenko left. Then we look at the singular cases: if the interest of the player coincides with that of the club we go on, otherwise the contracts are respected. It goes for everyone. Chelsea? I'm tired of repeating that these stories are without fundament. The only club who asked us about Kaká was Real Madrid, who were kindly invited not to insist... Contract renewals and changes are internal to our club, Kaká has a contract until 2011 and he will respect it."
Ouch. I appreciate his stand in regards to the Dida verdict, but sometimes he just sounds like a total jerk, such as the Gourcuff comments. And why is it that every sentence he starts begins with a question?

("Benching a warm"? LOL)

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