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maybe this one is the english version...

10/16/2007 11:03:00 PM
MILAN - On the videochat, Silvio Berlusconi spoke of his presidency as a dream. Ibrahimovic? 'It would have been a great purchase, but we were in the middle of the sporting trials.'

MILAN - Here are the some of the comments made by president Berlusconi during the video chat moderated by Alberto Cerruti with viewer questions selected by Diego Antonelli:

"We've had a somewhat unlucky start to the season but we are recovering. Milan still have to be the kind of team who, from the first minute, makes it clear it wants to win and dominate the match, while still respecting the opponent."

Then came the question of an Inter fan, who asked for Berlusconi's opinion as a football expert on Zlatan Ibrahimovic: "He's a champion, we would surely have bought him if it weren't for that unjust penalisation we had to deal with last summer. We had already decided to buy Ibrahimovic as we had had many contacts. We thought he was the right player for us. I would have liked to see him play for Milan, but I'm not angry that he's at Inter now. Unfortunately we were involved in the Calciopoli trials. We felt too indignified by the situation, and were unable to act on the market. It was a missed chance, perhaps the only one. But we managed to get Ronaldo, whom I wanted, as well as Baggio. I am at peace with the choices we've made, and judging by the results, we made excellent choices. Totti? Any team would want him, but you know the way I feel about it, you cannot buy or sell club symbols. Actually I also said this about Alessandro Nesta when he was at Lazio, but they experienced some economical problems and were forced to sell him. He was about to move to Juventus, but then Milan stepped in and Nesta was happy to move to Milan in the end."

Berlusconi then went on to talk about Kaká: "Kaká is doing fine at Milan and has never shown any intention to leave. As long as he is proud to wear this shirt, there is no economical reason that would take him away from us. There is no sum of money we couldn't refuse for him. Pato? I haven't yet seen him during training, but I've seen videotapes of him playing with Internacional Porto Alegre and Brazil before we bought him. But Ancelotti, Gattuso, Maldini, and Ronaldo, whom I spoke to only yesteday, assure me he is a champion."

The next questions verted on the defence: "We have a lot of defenders, ten of them for four positions. Nesta? He's not old, sure we have Maldini, but Maldini is a phenomenon who laughs at his ID card. Compared to other teams, we love our champions to the last. Costacurta is part of the technical staff, other former champions of ours are coaching in the youth sector, I consider them almost as younger brothers, we are a family. I'll miss Maldini when he won't be playing anymore. But there are many players that Milan are considering for the defence."

Here are some of the other themes discussed by Berlusconi: "As a Milan fan I'm living this presidency as a dream come true ever since I took over this club, and I hope this dream can last as long as possible. Unless one of my sons steps in and tells me I'd better start being a spectator. My daughter Marina? It's not true she limits my investments on Milan, I have complete jurisdiction. In my first Milan side as a fan my idol was Degani, but also Puricelli, who had a golden head. But nowadays everyone wants to be like Kaká: he's young, he's good-looking, very ethical, and he interprets his role at Milan the way we like to see. Gourcuff? He still has to mature as a man, but I'm sure he will end up fine. Pirlo? He is quiet and his behaviour off the field doesn't attract a lot of attention outside the pitch. But considering the way he plays, the way he dominates and conducts the team's play, he deserves the Golden Ball."

On Dida: "I consider him a great goalkeeper. The whole team united around him, after Glasgow. It's hard to understand what goes through the mind of a player when those things happen. It can also happen to a great champion to make a mistake. But let's remember he insisted on playing in Glasgow despite a problem to his shoulder. We owe Dida one of our Champions League victories, the one in 2003 in Manchester against Juventus. It was him against Buffon: Dida made us win the trophy. Football? For me it's a passion, a metaphor for life, it's not a business, otherwise it would be a business in pure loss... And I've never wanted to acquire a club that wasn't Milan. Did I want to buy Inter? That's completely untrue, it never crossed my mind."

On Braida and Galliani: "At 99% I'm always satisfied with their work. I feel very secure about Braida, while Galliani is the most transparent, honest person around. He's an open book and has to be thanked by all the fans. Ronaldinho? For Barcelona he's an unsellable player, but if Barcelona would put Ronaldinho on the market, Milan would be first in line to get him. Ronaldo? The appointment for Ronaldo in top form on the pitch is in Tokyo. I talked with him, t And since he has cut his hair he improved ten times compared to before, he shouldn't cut them again. Sheva? He asked to be sold due to family reasons, I feel very connected to him, I have affection for him, but football is like women, a bit irrational. After Ancelotti? We haven't thought about it yet, we'll think about it."

Berlusconi also answered a question regarding the construction of a stadium onlyelling him to be patient and careful. Ronaldo is a strong player, the injury that happened to him could have happened to anyone. for Milan: "I'm in love with San Siro, so I don't agree, we have the best stadium around. On Sunday 7 October for example, I would have liked to go to the Olimpico to see Lazio-Milan, but the pitch is very far from the stands in that stadium, while at San Siro you have more close contact with the players. Many things have already been done to improve this stadium, many services have been added, even though there are still no shops. But if we were to build a stadium all for ourselves, what would remain of San Siro? A cathedral in the desert and that is not a good thing."

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