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Fav. Players: Maldini, Kaka, Gourcuff, Gattuso, Pirlo, Nesta, Seedorf and Superpippo!!!!

^^ isnt reliable right????

WTF, although it would be interesting though, unless i misunderstood something.. we'd have kaka + ronaldinho for a year and the next year, theyd geet ronaldinho + kaka ?
It would be rather interesting imo, we could see if they work together and also how Milan would do + cope without Kaka for a year. Would give the youngsters a chance and i never liked the "one man team" idea. People are making it sound like we are really dependent on kaka. I wont disagree because the majority loses their heads when/if kaka cant play.

I guess if that was to happen and we were 150% SURE that it was just for a year (like exchange ) then i wouldnt mind.

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