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Originally Posted by necromancer View Post
Not every year. The fourth qualified is the highest coefficient ranked team among the teams not in top 3 for each of the four leagues. That's still Milan in Italy. Inter is some 8 points behind us in coefficients.
I don't like the idea tbh, Milan didn't deserve to take part in CL this year. History is important but shouldn't decide today IMO. It's big club favoritism. It's kind of demeaning as well to get a CL spot that way.

The fairness argument stands in this case. Clubs work hard for a CL spot, and the best teams should get it, it's a sport after all. This system is basically economic doping for big clubs in trouble.

At best, this is the least of all evil for UEFA if they don't want the big clubs to break out and start their own league.

I haven't done any research on it though, so I don't know all details to this new system.

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