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Originally Posted by Mr. Milanista View Post
Once again, just like vs us, Merda just threw out the ball in order to all jump the referee and pressure him to have a look at VAR. So pathetic. Once again there was no contact just like vs us, only difference is they managed to pressure the referee vs us to watch VAR and even give the pk without no contact whatsoever. Vs Juve right the referee wouldnt take any shit.

But honestly, to just throw out the ball and all jump the referee is absolutely insane. Such a donkey team. Lukakus mom probably didnt have a voodoo doll of Mariani this time
I can't fucking believe that this is allowed/not punished. I was furious when they did this in the Coppa.

And it seemed like when the game resumed, the ball was given back to merda which makes it even worse.
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