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Default New signature rules

As most of you have noticed, the size of the images in the signatures of some members is getting more and more ridiculous. We have, therefore, decided that the new maximum size for the images in signatures will be 350x250 pixels. This will ensure that the focus is kept on members' replies, especially in large threads such as the ones in the Matches forum. Please note that this rule WILL be enforced and that any oversized signatures WILL be removed.

New rule as of February 5th 2011: maximum one photo per signature.

New rule as of December 19th 2011: animated images/videos in sigs are off. You have until January 1st 2012 to adjust your sigs.

We would appreciate if the members would resize their signatures to conform to the new rules.

Much appreciated


Place to resize images -

Place to upload resized image - (use copy image location)

Sample -

(350x250 pixels = 105x75mm)

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