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Please vote for selections that you thing is deserve the call of the Best in its field:-

Football Management Camp

Best Football Manager:-
Best Scouting team and its Management:
Best Coach:-
best Assistance Coach:-

Senior Team

Best Goalkeeper:-
Best Center Defender:-
Best Right Back Defender:-
Best Left Back Defender:-
Best Defense Midfielder:-
Best Playmaker:
Best Box to Box Midfielder:-
Best Attack Midfielder:-
Best Winger:-
Best Second striker:-
Best Striker:-
Best Italian Player:-
Best Foreign Player:-
Best Player in SA as decisive game winner:
Best Goal From Italian Player:-
Best Goal From Foreign Player:-
Best Technical sentence goal:-
Best Personal skill goal:-

Junior Team (Not From Premavira League and not over than 20 Years old)
Best Junior Goalkeeper:-
Best Junior Center Defender:-
Best Junior Right Back Defender:-
Best Junior Left Back Defender:-
Best Junior Defense Midfielder:-
Best Junior Playmaker:-
Best Junior Box to Box Midfielder:-
Best Junior Attack Midfielder
Best Junior Winger:-
Best Junior Second Striker:-
Best Junior Striker:
Best Junior Italian Player:-
Best Junior Foreign Player:-
Best Junior Player in SA as decisive game winner:-
Best Goal From Junior Italian Player:-
Best Goal From Junior Foreign Player:-
Best Junior Technical sentence goal:-
Best Junior Personal skill goal:-

NOTE: Your selection and answer must come with explanation and illustration for the reason(s) you choose for.

The Judge(s) team will be selected from the R&B Mod Forums as they know who are the people that deserve the role.

As I have short time to complete the list, any help from the people to update or add any field will be appreciate it.

I hope it replicate the same scenario with EPL. La Liga, First french League, Bondese, Brazilian etc...

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