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A look at the past and one in the future, without neglecting the present. Alessandro Nesta, a former defender of Lazio and Milan, gave an interview to the BBC, starting his new adventure as coach of the Miami Fc: "The season starts in January, now we are doing the market. We start from scratch, you have to find 25 players. The market we do and I ds Mauro Pederzoli. I think a coach should always choose the players. " In society, in the role of co-owner, there is also her former partner and friend, Paolo Maldini: "Paul and I have a great relationship, in Miami live in my condo. The owner is Riccardo Silva is ambitious, there is everything to do well. "

Nesta has got to want to be a coach "in Montreal - said the defender - when I was stopping to play. I realized that I could only train bring the adrenaline of the field of competition. When you stop you miss too much, you need it, like a drug. Do you miss even stress, the tension of the journey by bus from the hotel to the stadium. While alive you seem negative, but come to the San Siro for a Champions League match is a unique experience. "

Nesta runs then in defense of Inzaghi after his experience at Milan: "It 'hard to say no to Milan, is an opportunity too tempting. Maybe the team lacked a bit 'the experience of Pippo, but I think there were other problems of a company, for example, the market had been much poorer. " He then speaks of defenders, that's his field: "Well there are Bonucci and Chiellini and now Romagnoli and Rugani: let's see if it will confirm. Romagnoli you see that quality and who knows how to play football. Milan have done well to spend that much for a young Italian: a hard core of Italian is crucial to win. Hoping that Milan back quickly in Europe, will have a chance to grow. Calabria? It showed great personality. When one enters cold longer thinks it right, instead he was in danger, took action. "

Gloss on the final Serie A: "For me, Juventus is still the strongest of all. Inter, Roma and Milan are back there. Even Inter? Yes, in the derby did who knows what. " No, closure must Mario Balotelli: "I do not know, I can not know what's missing. But I think that if every time you play will field the spirit that we have seen in the 20 'of the derby will be okay. "

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he's much bettter for milan than pirlo ever was
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