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Originally Posted by Wild

If the price isnít sky high I would go 4 him now & as I said b4 Arsenal is interested so he is 4 real.
aresenal and arsenal transfers in the past arent as great as u make them out to be,.. milan are 6 time ucl champs which arseholes can only dream of!!!! true they sign cheap players but those only work in crappy epl,.. they continue to suck in europe, but one year (last) but that was made possible with a defensive show and boring display (unlike so called attractive style of arsenal),..

maybe i am posting it in the wrong thread, but Wild's post reminded me of saying wot i wanted to say for so long after i read galliani's post that acmilan want to be more like arsenal!!!!! WTF!!!!

i feel disgusted even by the thought of it,.. how can he be our vice president and on wot nerve he would like milan to be like arsenal!!!!!... let's all hope that milan ultras kill galliani!!!... abt time we get rid of this jackass who doesnt think before speaking!!!!

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