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Originally Posted by MookyRookie
whats this game about? do they sometimes play all night long or all day long for only one match, i dont even know how they count the points and all that, Australia has good cricket and rugby team all i know...
Cricket is two forms:

1) Test Matches - all the players wear white and they play for 5 days maxiumum, (match length depends on the quality of the teams).
The team that bats first has to score as many runs as they can, and if they get enough and bowl well, they can beat the other team without batting twice (while the other team bats twice) - i.e. the team that bats first has to get more than the other team gets in two innings (innings = batting session)

2) One dayers - these are played in two ways, as "dayers" or "day-nighters".. dayers are simply played during the day and both team bats and bowls just once.. day-nighters are the same but are started later in the day and are played into the evening, finishing around 10pm-ish.

gee... Cricket is really hard to explain.. maybe if your bored you can visit, that'll explain the basics of the sport better than i can.
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