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Default Juninho Pernambucano

I met him yesterday in a mall in Dubai

On Saturday my brother was telling me that he's in Dubai since he knows I like him a lot. Yesterday I was walking in the mall with a friend of mine and I saw someone who looks exactly like him. I was shy/hesitant to talk to him but my friend encouraged me to what seemed to be the silliest, yet cutest, conversation ever:

Kyara: "Excuse me"
J: Yes?
Kyara: Are you Brazillian?
J: Yes (smiling)
Kyara: Are you Juninho? (with a silly grin on my face )
J: Yes (bigger smile)
Kyara: Can I have your autograph?
J: Sure (signing). Sorry I don't speak very good English
Kyara: don't worry about it (still with the big grin)

Then I dropped some papers from my hand and he bent and picked them up for me. Very sweet and modest

I was really thrilled, makes me wonder how I would've reacted if it was Ricky or any Milan player
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