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Default The New Era

So, it is safe to say that a new era has unofficially begun. For quite some time there have been negociations between mods, David and General about buying the forum. To spare you all lots of time, it simply comes down to one discussion. General wants 100% ownership of the forum whereas David likes to keep hold of some technical aspects on vBulletin intranet and have his 'share' of the forum.

Finally, we have come to an understanding of the price. Which has been determined on 0,32 euro for every 100 posts made. General will buy 33,3% of the forum shares at first with the possibility to buy it outright on 1 september 2016. Now, like in any other deal there has to be made certain promises to show you are worthy of buying it the fully 100%. So, below you find a list of a few things which will effect any of us:
  • A match timer on the homepage
  • YouTube, Vibe and Twitter integration
  • A new management (democracy)
  • A donate option
  • Commerce intentions
  • Fix bugs like accents
  • R&B on Social Media - Facebook and Twitter
  • Transparency to forum members
  • Gifts based on forum income from commerce and the donate option (free new authentic home/away/third jersey for SAPL winner)
  • Other innovations

If General is willing to buy by outright, he has to fulfill any of these appointments aside from 'Other innovations'. This will be evaluated one week before 1 september 2016.

Meanwhile, i took it upon myself to set up the headhunt process - finding suitable new moderators. The following Moderators will remain in the management: Sven, Necro, ulladullau and AC_Wesley. Based on General's wish of introducing a mod voting system (democracy), I've decided to recruit 3 new moderators. Making it 7 total so that there never will exist a draw in votes. Your area does not affect the selection, although I want one moderator coming from Oceania as we already have one from Asia, North America, South America and Europe.

How to apply
Below you will read 3 cases that a moderator encounters on a regular basis. Read them and answer how you would act in that situation. You can use every option only once.

The options: A ban (duration not specificated), a final warning over PM and permaban

Case A
An unnamed member from Ohio living on sesame street has been harassing other members with swear words who badmouth Nocerino. It occurs more often that this member flames people but this is his first time in a long while. What option do you choose?

Case B
A new member has been posting normally but with subtle hints of commerce purposes. What do you do?

Case C
You often get reported posts. You open the reported post and notice every time the post isn't problematic. What do you do?

You are free to apply yourself. Recommendations are allowed in the Mod recommendations thread. Members who reason their decisions to the front of the line. Also motivating your application is a plus.

Best of luck,

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