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Default AC Milan agreements with other clubs.


6/1/2010 11:44:00 AM

FC Spartak Mosca and AC Milan have signed an Agreement of Reciprocal Cooperation. The agreement implies regular meetings between delegations, events, exchange of experiences, development of theme channels.

(ON THE PHOTO: the "Luzniki", the stadium of FC Spartak Moscow)

MILAN - Two popular football clubs of Russia and Italy, FC Spartak Moscow and Milan, have signed an agreement of reciprocal cooperation concerning sporting relations of three years.

The contract was signed by FC Spartak Mosca delegate administrator Leonid Fedun and Executive Vice President of AC Milan Adriano Galliani, and presupposes regular meetings between club representatives regarding the discussion of various issues, among which the establishment of "Friendship days", which will see the organisation of friendly matches between teams of the respective youth sectors, between FC Spartak Moscow's "Veterans" team and "Milan Glorie" and, whenever possible between the two clubs' first teams.

The sides came to an agreement also concerning the organisation of training camps for children and youngsters, football schools born from the collaboration between Spartak Moscow and Milan (Milan Junior Camp). This event will take place in Moscow for the first time.

The exchange of experiences will also be extended to technical and medical aspects, with a particular care for curing methods and rehabilitation of footballers following injuries.

Spartak Moscow and Milan will also collaborate on the development of the TV channels of the respective clubs.
That is called a Plan.

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