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Fav. Players: Maldini, Pippo, Sheva, Ricky, Messi, Iniesta, Harry Redknapp, Sanosuke Sagara, Chris Redfield.

Thank you so so so mucho libre Pedro. <3

Pipa..Corzolol Naggerism is defined as that essential state where a Milan forum is infected by an alleged Barta nagger midget virus with the express aim of catching maximum lolz.

According to the Belgian immunologist, Dr. Vher RiPhuny, the rate of infection of the corzolol virus is directly proportional to the number of shit games overseen by the Massimiliano-2 enzyme complex. The more MAS-2 complexes in the bloodstream, the more the naggeric lolz.

Corzololz Naggerism is a worldwide pandemic that can and will be stopped. This is where I come in.

Pipa..I am working so very hard to put an end to this killer infectious disease.
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