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Originally Posted by dude View Post
You're an idiot.
People hate Pirlo because he didn't give a shit for 4-5 years and then left on a free to a Rival. Not to mention that he insulted Milan in his book and said he wanted to leave in 2006 to Real Madrid.

Sheva and Kaka always played well and gave it 100% on the pitch and they left for decent fees abroad not to a direct rival on a free. They never talked shit about Milan either.
Not to mention that Sheva got a lot of hate back in the day when he joined Chelsea, your underage ass simply doesn't remember it. Most people called him a traitor back then too(me included).

You Pirlo fanboys should have left the Milan fanbase back in 2011 and become Juve fans. Fucking cancer.
Ahhh those days ... when Pazik being called bitch everywhere

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