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Originally Posted by Congo Powers View Post
I was at genoa watching who..?
taarabt drake?
who was there? girl i wasnt...
wait a minute..calm down
i was at genoa watching who??
git the fuck..
man....u know what?

Girl, I'm not about to sit up here and argue with you
About who to sign or call no names, real talk
See girl, only thing I'm tryin' to establish with you is not
Who's right or who's wrong
But what's right and what's wrong, real talk

Just because Di Marzio say she saw me at genoa with some other bitches
Sitting with preziosi, smokin' and drinkin' and kickin' it,
tell me, girl
did he say there were other players there???
did he say there were other players there???
were there other players there?????
well tell me this:
how the fuck he knew i went to genoa to watch taarabt drake then??
when the whole field packed..wait a minute, let me finish what i got say
i signed 11 players this summer and ur listening to di marzio????
i dont know why you fuck w that jealous twitter follow whore anyways
always accusing me of some old bullshit, when i'm just trying to make a good side
mirabelli you did this..mirabelli i heard you did that, don't you think i got enough bullshit on my mind?
hold up---didn't i just sign bonucci for 40 million the other day? hmm, yea ur ass was smiling then
uh--gave who some damn money..??? i didn't give aubemeyang any money girl
Congo at his best.
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