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Originally Posted by rocknrolla1v1 View Post
Yo I was drop some major bills if we signed a top stiker. Please don't pretend Kalinic is, that shit is ignorant and peasant mentality. Don't tell me you're over the moon about Kalinic, you're lying to me and yourself lol
Feel free to jump on the Real Madrid gloryhunting bandwagon if you don't like how this club with a revenue less than 300 mil is managing its transfer policy in its first competitive season in years. We don't have a stadium, don't have CL football this season and are restricted by FFP.

Kalinic is the best option all things considered, especially since he's a Montella type player. I'm not over the moon but our signings match my expectations before the season began, and for once the coach has a large say in who we sign.

It will take time. Juve had Borriello, Vucinic, Quagliarella and Matri upfront when they took the Scudetto from us in 2012.
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