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Default EXCLUSIVE MN - Savino: "Zigoni start, like in the Series A and B"

EXCLUSIVE MN - Savino: "Zigoni start, like in the Series A and B"

06.17.2010 17:00 Antonio Vitiello article read 709 times

Even in Spring Milan something starts to move. The market for the first team is blocked while the children of John Stroppa are several requests and surveys that come in daily society. One out of every striker Zigoni Gianmarco, who this year won the Italian Cup by leading actor category. His agent Gabriel Savino denies rumors of a proposal of Croton, but open to other teams of Serie B: "A news that I have ever read. I never had a proposal from Crotone. Together with Milan but we are looking for a team where there is the possibility that Zigoni games continuously. The intention is to send him to gain experience in team B, or Series A medium and small. Where there are chances to play. We are talking with a little 'teams to assess whether there is a little' room to play it. The important thing is to go out and experience ".

What are the teams involved?
"Right now, like many teams. But we should understand that there is space. There are many teams that still have players in co-ownership, and must first resolve the situation. The expiry of ownership in then perhaps the ideas will be clearer for everyone. Why should evaluate the players that are in the middle with other clubs to see if they remain where they depart. From the week after the ownership of the ideas will be clearer. Zigoni initially became a conversation with Piacenza, then even with Padua and Vicenza, with a little 'teams of Serie B. But even Cagliari, although influenced by other exchanges. Then there is that Milan can always propose something based on the outputs or exchange market. "

In general, the player starts
"Yes, that's what decided Milan. And I think that the best solution. "
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