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I hope Piatek starts scoring again, because I'd like to sell him. I honestly think Andre Silva would score at the same rate (1 goal from open play in 11[?] matches) while providing more to the overall play of the team.

Piatek has missed several chances, which is what gets me about the whole "he needs service" argument. He's gotten it. And when he hasn't, he's been part of what stalls our attack.

Leao is super talented. I think he's a good kid. I only have one problem with him: he let's things get to him. In the last few games, when he's been in the right position, and once it was Piatek who didn't pass, and the other was when Bona didn't, his head dropped. Now, he's a kid, but he needs to not sulk but say to his teammates "hey, you have an awesome pass, get me next time." Maybe he feels like he can't. But this aspect of can improve, and he has all the tools to really become a star.

Samu also looked so much better than Suso as a RW. I hope he's ready when we face Napoli, because missing Hakan is going to show up more than people want to admit. Hakan is finally starting to play like I thought he could, he showed it in the second half of his first season, but this LW-CAM role he plays works well for him, as does the shift of Paqueta to the right. Pioli has made some small, but very smart adjustments.

But it's really clear how badly we need experience. Whenever our team doesn't score, the team seems to let doubt creep in. They become desperate and then make mistakes seeking the goal, and that's where experience comes in.

I wonder how much this team misses Zapata and Abate, maybe not on the pitch as much as in the dressing room.
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