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Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
On Inter:"I do not know what formation they will play, they have changed a lot. We will play our game, we don't bother how the others play. We always think about us before we think about the others, we do not change as much as the others."
What a stupid thing to say. No wonder he can never set up the team properly.

Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
On Bacca: "He needs to improve himself and to dialogue more with his teammates, the opportunities to score are coming, he must also be better at converting then."
He's already converting from what little service he gets and you want more from him? How about setting up a proper midfield first and stop playing Bertolacci who adds nothing.

Originally Posted by Alo88 View Post
On Milan's season: "It's clear that we could do better, but for example a draw in Empoli is not a drama. I was angry because Milan can not be recovered after going ahead twice. It's our fault that we have conceeded the equalizer. We gave continuity to the results in the last 17 days, we won 10 games and lost only 2. In Empoli there was a clear penalty to our favor not given, however we do not want to make excuses because certain games we should have closed before. We had a good race, even though we had to win".
And yet he doesn't take the blame for taking too long to make subs and making horrible substitutions as well.


Mihajlovic likes to talk so much about his players and yet he doesn't like to admit how horrible his tactics are. When you have several draws against the lower table sides then something is wrong with you (the coach) and not the players.
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