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Hello to all Rossanerri fans. I'm from Nottingham in the UK (Forest fan by the way) & have been reading up on the history of Nottingham & was shocked to find that Herbert Kilpin was born opposite my workplace in the centre of Nottingham.

Looking at the property in question (which s currently a Mexican Restaurant) I found it hard to believe that someone who founded arguably the greatest club in world football (after Forest LOL) was born in such humble surroundings, I then had the idea that some sort of memorial,maybe a plague, be placed on the building to outline Herbert achievement. But unfortunately I've been unable to contact Milan direct so I thought of fans donating money towards the cost of a memorial. If anyone is interested or can give me an e-mail to contact Milan direct then please reply either below or e-mail me at or at work which is

Nottingham Forest have recently done something similar in raising funds for a statue of Brian Clough which now has pride of place in Nottingham. Come on Milan fans, don't you think Herbert deserves the same if not more.
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