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we have not proven to have quality in world cup...

1.- Ending a group stage ahead of Italy is nothing
2.- Forcing Argentina to extra time in Confederations Cup and scoring a great goal is nothing
3.- Forcing Argentina to extra time in last 16 of the World Cup and forcing them to score a wonder goal is nothing
4.- Being semifinalist twice in the World Cup is nothing

If that's nothing then what do you call Panama's achievements?

you talking about Bofo is like talking about Brocchi in Milan terms

Marquez has been playing in Barcelona for a long time and has a very expensive buy out clause...
Salcido is playing for the Netherland's champions
Pardo and Osorio won the German League when they arrived to Stuttgart, Pardo being a central figure
Guardado is important for Deportivo

keep dreaming about that tie you got out of us at your stadium, while I'll keep dreaming of our great games in the WC


Thanks Hanna!
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