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Originally Posted by Ashish View Post
he was bad, one sec milano you persist for some one young like abate who has been shit day in and day out and you take out a young striker who was put in pressure cooker situation fr 15 minutes
Ok, i might have been too sarcastic. My only point is he didn't seem AT ALL ready. Pippo knows what he's doing. His skills ma be fading but i have more faith in him. Zigoni, it's detrimental to play him... we're not talking about pato benched or even paloschi. He's faar behind where paloschi was. Paloschi was aggressive, and got involved and ran and thats REALLY what impressed me about Alberto, his skills were unrefined but he had a very high understanding of what to do for a 17 year old. Zigoni looked literally LOST

Abate, again, may be mediocre, but he runs his ass off and has an idea of what to do.... honestly, zigoni looked like a random guy picked off street he was soo lost

All i'm saying is Zigoni is better suited playing in primavera and getting loaned to Serie B now. He's 18 ffs. I don't think he's physically slow but he looked so slow cause he was completely lost. Iunno, give him time.

edit: EXACTLY 100% what Dru said.

Originally Posted by ACmen View Post
Only Milan can punish it's own fans by qualifying for CL. I'm off to sleep, another year wasted. When will this fucker be fired..

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