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I'm tired of reading that he is very talented. Maybe he was in his years at Ajax, where he debuted at 17 + became a national player etc blabla... but that's when he started to stagnate. He never got past that 'talent' stage IMO, never lived up to expectations + delivered consistently becoming a key player in any squad. In the end, his (former) employers were all eager to rid themselves of him. He was a spoiled brat from the beginning, who stopped working when the first big deal was signed. He's clearly in just for the money + the lifestyle + dedicates more time to his side jobs as a motorbike racing team owner + jewellery designer than to the profession that allows him to afford his fancy hobbies.

Yes, he scored 4 or 5 important goals in big matches, but that's not enough to sway me into believing that he's a crucial player for us, he isn't, cos for the rest of the time he just dragged his lazy ass over the pitch doing next to nothing + I refuse to be ignorant of the fact. I despise players like him, who are too full of themselves, have no passion for what they're being paid for + shamelessly display a don't give a shit attitude when so much is at stake + even more shamelessly refuse to take responsibility for constant fuck-ups.


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