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Originally Posted by yagami7gnr View Post

- 3 points!! Forza Milan!!

- Quite an interesting match. We really had the game on hand the whole night. Only time we were got in trouble were for miscues of ourselves.

- Kessie? Dud showed his worth but he needs to get more aggressive. When he gets too passive in defense he makes it easy for the other team like when Gigio had the best save of the first half.

- Hakan? He is looking much better since Paqueta arrived. He just needs a lucky break. Similar too Suso or Cutrone, they need a goal badly.

- Gigio? Excellent when called to action, otherwise a quiet night.

- Calabria? Good game from him. Nice cross for Paqueta's goal. He did not looked amused at all at the sub.

- Musacchio? His best game of the season.

- Capitano? As per usual spot on. He had everything under control but I know he can do much better.

- Rodriguez? He was OK.

- Bakayoko? Much better than against Roma. Still I do not like that he dribbles with the ball so much.

- Paqueta? MOTM, FUCKING MOTM. This kid is amazing. He does what Jack, Hakan or Suso cannot do. Just one touch and pass the ball, how simple it is. It is not like he makes a GENIOUS pass but he just keeps the flow at a high tempo making our attack more dynamic.

- Suso? Much better than previous outings. I think that he should have passed the ball to Cutrone for the 4th but oh well.

- Piatek? Another unreal signing. He does so much for the team. He needs more support up front IMO.
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