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Originally Posted by Berlusconi View Post
SO now you're arguing me agreeing to what you posted?

My comparison for the basketball thing, once again, was to prove that they are not some bullshit brand like you make them out to be. they stole not just A basketball player, but THE basketball player from their top rival. This proves their value as a brand in general. IF UA's plan is to slowly start taking away deals from adidas and nike in football too, then you can use Steph Curry as an example of what they're willing to do, to surpass their competition.
Do you even read what you write? You said this...

Originally Posted by Berlusconi View Post
Fair enough on the Fassone quote, thought he said just "sell a player," not top player.
You said Fassone didn't mention anything about selling a top player so I corrected you.

As for UA, I'm not saying they're a rubbish sports manufacturer OVERALL but in FOOTBALL they're nobodies. They haven't produced kits for a single decent team besides Spurs (who dumped them) which speaks volumes. Either they're not as financially competitive in FOOTBALL or the design/quality isn't as good as other manufacturers.

Regardless, if they're willing to pay us more than the 20m offered by Adidas I'm HAPPY. However, I doubt it given Juventus only get 23m from Adidas.
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