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For the doubters let me just say this.

I believe F+M have built the skeleton of an excellent team but are just missing the cherry on top (a top coach and a top midfielder/striker).

I believe we have a core of very young players who can become world class under the right coach (i.e. Conte). I'm talking about Donnarumma, Romagnoli, Conti, Locatelli, Kessie + Andre Silva.

I also believe we have a couple of experienced top players in our ranks (Bonucci + Biglia) who are playing like fodders because of our inexperienced amateur coach. I believe if we hired Conte he would return Bonucci to being the world class CB he was not so long ago. Don't forget Conte was the man who transformed Bonucci from an average CB at Bari to a world class defender. I also think Biglia is one of the best regista's in the game and it's no wonder Real Madrid and a host of EPL teams have been linked with him in the past.

I also believe there's several very good players like Musacchio, Suso + Rodriguez who can become elite players if the aforementioned top coach arrives.

However, we're missing a top coach with strong personality like Conte and a top player in midfield + attack.

The only 2 games I've seen this season where we've played like a top team is against Bayern in pre-season and the Europa league farmers who we smashed 6-1. Every other performance has been a stinker which is reflected in our league position.

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