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Originally Posted by leaf View Post
Not trying to troll or anything....but I thought the whole reason Berlusconi took so long to sell was that he wanted us to end up in good hands
Where did you get the idea that He isn't convinced about the Chinese Milan? I know that he's come out and criticized us recently...but it seems more like the standard type as opposed to him having genuine concerns about our direction.

The same would go for Sheva, whose comments were reasonable.

Raiola had just been through a fight with us so don't expect him to have anything nice to say.
Sheva is just loyal to Silvio. Isn't Silvio the godfather to his kid? And in regards to who Silvio sold the club to, I don't think it mattered to him. As long as the check cleared why would he care what happens next? He was just blowing smoke to make himself look good when he was talking about leaving the club in good hands even if new ownership did or didn't spend money.
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