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Originally Posted by Kojak View Post

Me discussing youth players was simply me reporting what Management, journalists and other sites were saying at the time. In other words I was simply reporting the news. I did this at a time where we had a pathetic first team squad which hadn't been invested in for years. The problem with youth talents is they're hot one minute and flops the next. But you can never rule them out completely. Guys like Aubameyang and Darmian have come back to bite us in the ass whilst Petagna/Cristante/Verdi are getting NT call ups.

When I first mentioned Fossati he'd just won young Serie B player of the year and was leading the league in stats. At that particular time he would've been far more useful than the likes of Traore, Constant etc. However, now we've significantly upgraded the team and given he's regressed he's no longer useful. He's still playing Serie A games for Verona though so he's not a total dud.

What I find more amusing is people like you hyping up Niang as the second coming. I said from day one he was trash and looks like I was right. In 5 seasons here he only regressed and still ended up at a midtable club like Cristate/Petagna/Fossati/Verdi I'm sure if any of those guys had been given the same opportunities as him here they would've become rotational players.
you didnt just reported news defended them with your life...yet they didnt deliver

also i have hyped niang back in the day...but constantly bashing him last 3 years or so.dont understand whats your point....on another note niang's market value is as much as all of them combined...cristante went to benfica...petagna for peanuts to atalanta...fossati

but but but...thats not the point....i just give you and advice just not to bash you the entire forum all the time....and you keep coming with fossatis and fuckeratis of this world....good luck
waiting for your next ban

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