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Originally Posted by Hitman View Post
We signed him and had an agreement before signing Cerci. He was supposed to be our left footed right winger, but the opportunity to get Cerci came so now we have two.

No doubt that Cerci is better option now. There's absolutely no chance he's a deep lying midfielder. I think it's impossible to see him fielded anywhere other than RW.

His passes look good in the compilations but they don't include any of his failed passes so Wr could only wonder how consistent he is. Liverpool fans (most) think he's got potential but they think that he's not going to reach his potential. They're not too unhappy about losing him.

Signing an attacking Spanish 20 year old for free is good for us in all cases. Worst case scenario he will be used like Didac Vila. I have no expectations for him, I don't think he will add anything to our squad next season. I hope signing him means we get rid of some fodder players.
I don't know where you've read they were not unhappy but you are totally wrong . On each Website( Sky Sports, BBC or even Liverpool forums) they are absolutely furious about this transfer. They blame Rodgers heavily and claim that this guy should play in first team.
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