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Originally Posted by leaf View Post
Most fair system Alves said that he wanted the free kick

Also you could do something like what Arsenal did....the fouled player can't take them....would incentiveize NeyGOAT not to dive

Also Mbappe should be at least third in line for the penalties yeah?

If I was the coach, I'd be ruthless and shit....that would keep the free kickers at least happy. AS SOON AS YOU MISS, THE NEXT GUY GETS A SHOT
Thing is.. Alves has got a mean free kick... so it's better for the attack that he atleast stands there as the second kicker

That's pretty interesting what they do at Arsenal... no wonder Balo has never been linked to em

Not seen the Bappmeister take any pks yet.

I'm cool with rotating the pk takers... but not the free kick takers when you have a player like Neymar. They need to find their range. Plus he can create a goal scoring opportunity for others.

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