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Originally Posted by fredrik9 View Post
I'll give you 100 euros for the release of the two fine now held hostage. I don't want discussion. I want action.

I'll give you another 100 euros for access to this super awesome lounge of yours.
200 if there are girls there.

And yet another 100 for fredrik9 mod status (would that annoy a few?)
It's 50 euros per request, and you being a bright man, surely know that a making a request doesn't mean it will be accepted (I'm poor at swindling). As for girls in the lounge, you wouldn't believe the decadence. So many nude pictures plasted everywhere. It's girl on girl action all the time.

On a serious note, I'm sure both the members, the moderators and the administrator are aware that some of you want S84 and c4m back. However, what they did was not alright and they were well aware that it's deserving of a sanction which they both graciously accepted and respected. We've not seen any double profiles, or moaning from them about the ban. So if they are both ok about it, why can't the forum too be ok about it?

As Wild once said, they'll be back, get a tattoo and continue their forum life as ex-cons. Which is awesome.

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