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Originally Posted by Benny20 View Post
to an extent i agree in Baresi and Maldini but Ambrosini's lack of first team action doesn't really show it as being successful.I too don't believe that it should go to the most talented player but Baresi and Maldini lead the team for long periods both on and off the pitch and i'm not sure Abbiati can do that especially over a long period of time .

when we appointed Ambro as captain i wasn't against it and in truth his injuries could have happened to anyone .the fact is though now even fit he isn't able to really play out games and i don't think he has the influence he once had .a young team needs a present leader and if abbiati can do that over a few seasons that's ok but hopefully the plan is to really create a long term leader out of one of our younger players .

Originally Posted by SpartanMilan View Post
you have to meet halfway with service, talent, and leadership.

Obviously you dont want a new signing to be captain, but it isnt unreasonable to give the armband to a player that has been here a couple years, is a first team regular, and who has shown leadership.

For example, if Silva had stayed he would have been an ideal captain despite having less games than a number of other players
The armband can also be a heavy load to carry, I have experienced this with my national team where it became a bigger question than it ever should have been. I think this can happen to every player, even to somebody like Silva, Nesta was more the leader than him, I don┤t now if loosing Nesta + an additional responsibility would have been good for him. With Milans system you have a very good chance to get an player who is fond of his role and furthermore many mature players know if they have the power to accept the armband and refuse it otherwise. I don┤t believe that it gives you always ideal people but I think at least it prevents many players to get too much too soon and gives them a goal to achieve.
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