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You're welcome. I've been meaning to do this for a while now.

Originally Posted by radioactivenerd
What are the national leagues like in Africa? Are they popular within the individual countries at all, or it mostly european-centric fandom?
And who are the current African Champions league holders? Im probably showing my ignorance by calling it that, but I would welcome corrections to my nomenclature
Well, I can't really comment on the whole continent, but I can confidently say the local leagues of Egypt, Tunisia, Morroco and South Africa have a large following mainly because of the richer clubs they have + the talented players they tend to buy. Recently, Angola, Namibia, Nigeria, Ghana and CIV have had decent sides entered in to the Champions league, with Nigerian side Enyimba winning two in a row two and three years ago. Current champions are Egyptian side Al Ahly, who made it to the Semis of the World Club Cup only to lose out to the eventual winners. I think Zamalek (EGY) has won the tournament the most number of times ... 5 times.

There's also the Confederation Cup (similar to Uefa Cup) but that isn't highly covered. But all details of these competitions are in the CAF official website.

Here's an article on what the future holds in store for African Nations, with new policies in place trying to give equal opportunities (for development) for the not so developed African footballing countries.

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