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Originally Posted by madtherchot
I've always liked Baldie Hassan. Brought you your 4th African Cup in the 1998 final against defending champions South Africa, remember? Pitty you knocked Zambia out in the group stages
Of course I do BTW, before the tournament everybody in Egypt believed that we will get out of the group stages, Morocco + Zambia were better than us ... there was no chance we were going to beat Morocco [we never do, even if we are miles better ... Egypt usually fails against other northern african teams, specially Morocco] So we had to beat you before we play Morocco to make sure we qualified. Thanks to Hassan we won 4-0 Hazem Emam, my Idol was at his top that time ... was still young and full of youth, ever heard of him?

Originally Posted by madtherchot
World Cup's in South Africa and I don't remember Egypt winning it in 2006 African Cup 2008 should solve the problem
Oh shit, that was a bad typo. I edited it ... I meant we needed to qualify to World Cup 2010 in South Africa, and defend our title in Ghana.

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