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Originally Posted by LawlessRazor View Post
I had stopped , but thought BIGGEST SHOW THE YEAR should watch.
It was a nothing show besides Angle Roode that was very good.
It doesn't matter how idiotic or bad it is to me , you like/love/tolerate it.
For their biggest PPV it was bad.A poor showing , what do want me to do lie ? I pointed out what I liked , and the rest was average it was a 3 hour impact.
if you actually thought this show was gonna be amazing going in then I really don't know what to say.
biggest show of the year it might be but the build and turmoil in the company meant this was anything but.
biggest doesn't mean best. Destination X >>>>>>>>> BFG every year.

had pretty low expectation to be honest and the show was actually better then I thought it would be.
the only disappointment is the X match.

tag match was way better then I thought it would ever be considering the guys in the match.
phil heath with bromans could be a nice addition

womens match was as meh as expected.

sting vs magnus I didn't care about or expect anything.

EC3 vs indy jobber was fun and I marked when the vanilla midget came out.

roode vs angle was a very good match.
roode looked awesome in this and angle was angle, a wrestling machine.

mainevent I really liked, slower pace, methodical, told a story but some very good spots.
AJ put his body on the line for this match, springboard 450 to the outside through an empty table
them chest slaps from bully, ouch.
nice to see a head chair shot (done correctly too.)

mainevent, tag match and EC3 debut exceeded my expectations.
roode match was great.

only disappointment was the X match which turned into a mess and had a unsatisfactory ending

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